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This section will serve as a catch all of information that parents might search for and will always be a work-in-progress. Although it won’t exactly function wikipedia-style, I am open ears if you have a recommendation, topic suggestion, or request. There is also a great search tool found at the Parent Trust website.

Babysitter bios & recommendations:

I would like to feature some of our neighbors or their kids who are looking to make some extra cash babysitting. Let me know if you know someone!

Childcare Options: – go here if you need help with caring for your children, pets, aging parents, or your home

Seattle Nanny Parent Connection

Maple Leaf Parents Co-working – helping parents learn how to choose the best care for their child

College Caregivers associated with Seattle Pacific University

King County Childcare Resources

Drop-in Childcare:

Parent Map put together a great list of where you can leave kids all hours of the day in case of emergency. Check it out here.

Parents Night Out:

Parent Map has a great list of Parent Night Out options, but I wanted to highlight the programs for the littler non-potty-trained tykes.

University Family YMCA (U-District) – Ages 6 months – 12 years | Usually held every Sat. from 4:30-9pm | $20 for members/$35 for non-members | Kids will enjoy crafts, games, toys, stories, and pizza (served at 6pm) | If child is still in diapers, please provide changing supplies

Seattle Athletic Club (Northgate) – Ages 6 weeks – 12 years | Held 2nd Friday of the month | $44 a child for non-members (plus tax)/$32 for members (plus tax)/$20 for siblings | Kids will be served dinner, can play in the Kids’ Court, swim, craft, and enjoy a movie with popcorn (as long as they are eating solids)

Blossoming Buds Cottage (Wedgewood) – Ages 2.5 years – 8 years | Kids’ Movie Night held every Sat. of the month from 4:30-8:30pm | $45 per child/$20 for 2nd sibling/3rd child free ($4 extra for non-potty trained children) | During December they have extra weekend sessions to help with holiday shopping! | Kids will get to play, enjoy a G rated movie and pizza for dinner!

In addition to Parent Map list:

Seattle ReCreative (Greenwood) – Ages 3-12 years | Usually held last Sat. of the month from 6-9pm | $20 a child/$15 for siblings | Kids will craft, play, and enjoy a cult-classic kid film | Bring food for child (or feed them before) or bring $5 extra for pizza | Children must be potty-trained


Infant & Toddler Co-op Preschools:


North Seattle Infant Co-Op – Emi participated in this co-op from 4 months to a year. She loved playing with all the various toys (the ball pit was a favorite), singing songs, and getting used to other kids. I personally was thankful for the social time. We met weekly and each parent had a “job” they were responsible for. Very affordable!

Lactation Consultants:

Breastfeeding for Working Mothers

Kelly Mom

Music Teacher Bios:

Kevin Slota – Trumpet instructor / early music education

Parenting Classes:

Great Starts (Parent Trust for Washington Children)


nspNorth Seattle Pediatrics – Emi sees Dr. Bratt (& has also seen Dr. Kelso and Dr. Grimm during emergencies). Dr. Bratt is very gentle, soft-spoken, and warm which seems to keep Emi calm despite her cautious nature.

She is really knowledgeable and competent – ER docs had diagnosed Emi with an ear infection, but when Dr. Bratt checked her out the next day, nothing was there. I was glad Emi didn’t take unnecessary antibiotics.

The office staff & nurses are always friendly, there’s a great fish tank, books and toys in the waiting room, and Emi has always received great care.

My questions have always been answered thoroughly, and I feel like everyone genuinely cares. I highly recommend them! My friend Laura also takes her son to see Dr. Seru and loves her!

Podcasts of Interest:

Another Mother Runner – From the authors of ‘Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity’ comes this weekly series exploring the world of running and mothers.

The Longest Shortest Time – a 3AM bedside companion that covers every possible parenting story out there – from accidental gay parents, to momming it solo, to SAHD experiences, to those not sure if they want to be parents…I wish there was a new episode to listen to daily, but sadly I have to wait two weeks at a time!

Program for Early Parent Support (PEPS):

Sign up for a local PEPS group here.

Postpartum Support:

Perinatal Support

Recycling Items:

If your kiddo’s car seat is too old to sell or you just don’t want to deal with the hassle, consider car seat recycling. Check out the Parent Map post here.

Support (Online):

Although I hope this blog will help you connect with other parents and professionals in person, there are times when you need to vent, ask for advice, or share intimate details with complete strangers.

I personally belong to the groups below and feel like I have found my tribe. Maybe you will too!

The Longest Shortest Time Mamas Facebook Group

Mom Jeans Facebook Group

North Seattle Mom Jeans

Seattle Moms and Babies